fetch me something gay.


ORPHAN BLACK MEME | 5/10 scenes
sarah meets katja (1x01)
October, 21st
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the sex ed guide your parents didn’t give you



Dogs use teamwork to get ball out of the pool

October, 21st
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let trans people decide what is or isnt transphobic

let disabled people decide what is or isnt ableist

stop letting majorities decide what is or isnt offensive to a group of people they arent even a part of

October, 21st
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Dear past self,

When u cut off ur hair mom wont be that mad and you dont have to run away.

Ben (that’s you)




  • you are not your disease. those negative thoughts are not you, they are the disease. you and your disease are two separate things.
  • do not give up, keep fighting your battle. you will have bad days and good days, but after every bad day comes another good day in the future. just wait. do not give up hope and remember that eventually, you will be happy.
  • do not let anyone tell you that you are wrong for feeling a certain way. your emotions are yours alone, and you are allowed to feel upset. 
  • try your hardest not to dwell on the negative thoughts. i know its difficult when you have depression, but the deeper you dig your pit, the further you will fall into it. think of the positives and do things that make you happy
  • if you get suicidal thoughts, TALK TO SOMEONE. whether it be a teacher, a family member, a friend, or a stranger on the internet; do not handle your suicidal thoughts alone. There are more people out there suffering than you think, and they are willing to help someone in need like themselves.
  • cut off negative people in your life who do not support you in your recovery. if someone tells you to ‘just get over it’, ignore them. talk to someone who can actually help you fight your disease, and help you become a happier person.
  • you will be okay. stay strong, do the things you love, listen to uplifting music you like, draw, sing, dance, and make your happiness the focus of your life. You and your recovery are the most important thing. And if its been months and you feel like you’re still struggling, keep going. It can only go uphill from here. 

like a lady on the suicide hotline once told me, you will never know how to appreciate the good times until you’ve gone through the bad times. stay strong, beautiful people. and you can always come to me to talk about depression/anxiety. (x)

October, 21st
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October, 21st
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